Installation manual for Bosch engines Gen1-4
Installation manual for Bosch Smart System BES3 and Kiox 300

Installation manual for Brose engines

Installation manual for Shimano Steps engines

Installation manual for Sachs-RS engines

Installation manual for M1 Spitzing and Haibike FLYON pedelecs with TQ HPR motor

Installation manual for Yamaha engines and Giant Syncdrive engines  


Installation manual for Pinion MGU engines 

How fast can I drive with the tuning?

Basically, the speed is open. How fast you can actually ride is mainly dependent on the gear ratio of the ebike (at some point the cadence just gets too high).

Safety, other notes:

By using tuning on your pedelec, a relevant safety device (the speed-dependent limitation of engine power) is disabled. You must assume that your pedelec is not suitable for this and that e.g. the frame, brakes, chassis, tires, etc. are not designed for the higher speed. The conversion must be carried out by a specialist (e.g. the manufacturer of the pedelec or an authorized specialist workshop) who will also check other components on your pedelec accordingly and convert them if necessary.

We were not able to finally clarify whether operation with built-in but deactivated tuning is permitted on public roads. We therefore expressly point out that the mere existence of the tuning can constitute an offense within the meaning of the local law or driving without insurance!

A converted bicycle may only be used by an authorised, trained and instructed person. Trained users should be made particularly aware of the increased risk when using the modified pedelec.

The installation and operation of the tuning takes place at your own risk; liability for damage or consequential damage, as well as legal consequences for the distributor of the module or the manufacturer of the pedelec, are excluded in any case.

We expressly point out that the use of the tuning can lead to a loss of the manufacturer's warranty. In particular, the distributor of the module or the manufacturer of your pedelec cannot guarantee that the brakes, frame, chassis, tires, etc. are designed for use with the tuning part.

Each tuning module is supplied with an instruction manual. This must be read completely before installation.

Workshop visit - service/updates of the firmware of the pedelec:

It is recommended to remove the module before having the dealer service it. Before updating, please ask whether the module is compatible for the firmware update.

Individual programming of the tuning:

Depending on the module, it is possible that certain functions can be individually programmed in advance for an additional charge of EUR 30.00.