Removal of the 25km/h limit for e-bikes
with Shimano Steps EP8 mid-motor

Put an end to the 25 km/h limit for motor support on your e-bike with Shimano drive with the help of this tuning module.

Benefits of making your e-bike faster with this premium module:

  • 25 km/h speed limit is completely lifted
  • Simple installation by simply plugging in with precisely fitting plugs without tapping into existing cables
  • works in every support level
  • full support at any speed - no "turbo lag"
  • completely invisible installation
  • no external power supply by batteries or similar necessary
  • the electronics are sealed against splash water, so you can use the tuning in any weather
  • can be deactivated/activated via key combination (light-button)


This module is compatible with the Shimano EP8 e-bike system and with all displays for the drives mentioned.

Important note: When the tuning is switched on, the e-bike display will only show the real speed up to about 22-25 km/h. At higher values, the speed display is "frozen" so that the same value is always displayed. The total kilometers are also no longer displayed correctly.
The tuning can be activated or deactivated at any time via the light control function of the bike menu or the LIGHT button on the display or handlebar controls. When the light is ON, the tuning is OFF. When the lights are OFF, tuning is ON. Alternatively, it can be connected in such a way that the tuning is activated automatically when the Ebike is switched on.

The tuning automatically calibrates itself to your pedelec when it is switched on. The engine, the display and the tire size are automatically recognized. The tuning can therefore be used universally to make your e-bike faster - you do not have to make any settings manually.

You will of course receive detailed and illustrated installation instructions. So the installation is not a problem.

E-Bike Tuning for Shimano Steps EP8 engine (DU-EP800)

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