Installation tuning chip for Bosch eBike engines

The tuning module removes the 25 km/h limit on your pedelec.

All other properties and functions of your bike are retained as usual.

Here is a schematic representation to connect the tuning:

ebike tuning chip schema

The tuning module is plugged into the engine. To do this, unplug the 4-pin plug from the display and the 2-pin plug from the speed sensor on the engine and connect the respective tuning cables to the engine and to the disconnected plugs.


Instructions Performance- / CX- or Cargo-Line 4th generation (2019-today):

With the Gen. 4 engines, the crank usually no longer has to be removed. Depending on the version, the engine cover is attached with an Allen screw or Torx screws:

Bosch Gen4 tuning chip intallation

If you remove these, you can fold down the protection cover from the engine:

Bosch Gen4 tuning modul Einbau

Disconnect the two connectors as shown in the photos. To do this, press the connector to the right/up.

Then plug the cable set from the module between the 2-pin and 4-pin plugs on the e-bike.

Installation on the Bosch Gen1 to Gen3 models:

With the older generations of Bosch Ebike motors, you usually have to unscrew the crank so that you can remove the cover from the motor and access the necessary connections.

Remove the crank arm mounting bolt on the opposite side of the chain guide. For most bicycles with a Bosch motor, you need a size 8 Allen key for this.

Access to the cover is now free. Remove the fastening screws (usually Torx T20) and remove the stone guard.

Disconnect the two connectors marked with an arrow. The plugs are secured with a small nose.

Please only use the two red marked slots for the connection. If there are other plug connectors in the motor, these must remain unchanged!

Anleitung Einbau Chip Bosch Ebike Tuning

Instructions for enabling/disabling tuning

To switch the support on or off above 25km/h, please change the support level one level at a time

down, up, down and up again (- + - +).

If successful, you will see the animation of the battery capacity display as when you switch on your Pedelec, which provides information about the current status.

An example starting at the Turbo level:

-Button down (new level: Sport)
+Button up (new level: turbo)
-Down button (new level: Sport)
+Button up (new level: turbo)

Please enter the key sequence quickly and do not pause longer than 3 seconds between two keys. Please also note that you have to actually switch the levels to enter the combination. You cannot enter a combination that starts with the "down" key from the "off" level (or a combination that starts with the "up" key from the highest level). If the combination consists of several keys in one direction, you must start typing at a sufficiently low or sufficiently high level.

After switching on your pedelec, the tuning shows an animation of the capacity display of the battery. If the capacity runs from empty to full, your pedelec also supports you with motor power when you drive faster than 25 km/h. If the display runs from full to empty, the motor support ends at 25 km/h.

Important note on visiting a workshop or software updates on your pedelec:

Before you take your pedelec to customer service or have the Bosch system software updated, please ask whether the tuning will still work with the more up-to-date software.

For a software update on your Bosch system, the module must first be removed. Alternatively, there is the service mode on the tuning chip, which you must activate before an update.

To do this, please adjust the support level 3x down and then 3x up.

Start at the highest level. If successful, the complete battery display flashes 3x and the software status of the tuning module is shown in the speedometer display. The service mode is now active and maintenance and software updates can be carried out on your Bosch system.

The service mode remains active after the system is switched off. When you switch on your pedelec, no animation of the capacity display of the battery is shown as long as this mode is active. To deactivate the service mode, please use the same key combination as for activating or the combination for switching the tuning on and off. Please note that in service mode the motor support ends at 25 km/h.


- If you are not sure whether the service mode is active, please remove the tuning before the update!

- Please only activate the service mode for updates on your pedelec!

- A switched off tuning cannot be switched on via the combination for the service mode!

After activating the service mode, we recommend switching off the bike without moving it again!