Installation instructions for Shimano engines

Schematic representation of the connection of the tuning:Schematische Darstellung Anschluss Tuning Chip

Shimano Steps Motor öffnen.



Before installation, make sure that the e-bike is completely switched off. If necessary, remove the battery. The required connections are usually always installed under the side cover of the engine. So you have to unscrew the cover.

 1) Unscrew the three screws indicated by the red ring in the photo and remove the plastic cover of the mid-motor. All the necessary cables and connections are housed under this cover. Depending on the e-bike model, the covers are built in different shapes and colors and may therefore differ slightly from the illustration.

 2) Disconnect the connector between the motor unit and the speedometer sensor (marked by the green arrow in the picture). When you first open it, it is often difficult to get rid of, you have to pull hard. Loosen the positive (+) light clamp screw (marked by red arrow in picture):

Shimano Steps - SteckerShimano EP8 Stecker

3) Connect the disconnected connector from the speed sensor to the module and insert the 2nd connector of the module into the motor (the module is plugged in between). Connect the red power cable to the positive light terminal and retighten the screw of the terminal.


The tuning can be activated or deactivated at any time via the light control function of the bike menu or the LIGHT button on the display or handlebar controls. Check the bike manual. When the lights are ON, the tuning is OFF. When the lights are OFF, the tuning is ON.

NOTE: If you want your tuning to turn on/off automatically when the e-bike turns on/off, simply connect the module to the speed sensor terminals and leave the red power wire unconnected.

Position Sensor Shimano Steps E8000, E7000, E5000

Shimano EP6/EP8 (Serie EP600 / EP801)