Installation tuning chip for Bosch Smart System

Manual – Tuning BOSCH Smart System (BES3) 


Unscrew the screws and remove the plastic cover or from the stone chip protection cover underneath the engine. All required cables and plugs are placed under this cover in the space between the motor and the bike frame. On many pedelecs, the cover is only attached with a screw. 

Disconnect the BLACK 4-pin connector between the display and the motor unit and the GRAY 2-pin connector between the speed sensor and the motor.

Then plug the two mating connectors from the module into the motor in place of the original display and speed sensor connector.

Now connect the original display connector and the original speed sensor connector, which were previously disconnected from the motor, to 4-pin and 2-pin connectors from the module.

Use the included heat shrink tubing for better moisture protection. All plugs have a coding (marked white) that prevents incorrect plugging, please pay particular attention to this correct wiring!

It is helpful to shine a flashlight into the connectors to see the coding better. Please do not rotate the connectors when connecting. The pins are very thin and could bend or break!

Now turn on the display and turn the rear wheel a little until you can see the speed on the display. If a speed is shown on the display, the module is connected correctly.

You can place the module in a suitable position (we recommend in the frame of the e-bike if possible) and optionally fix the wiring with cable ties. Reattach the plastic cover, reattach the screws previously removed and the bike is ready to ride again.


The tuning can be activated/deactivated at any time while driving by pressing the + and - buttons on the LED remote. The keys must be pressed as follows:

+ + - -     or

- - + +     or

+ - + -     or

- + - +

The respective status of the module after activation/deactivation of the module is determined by the value of

   -   19.0 km/h (tuning is activated) or

   -   12.0 km/h (tuning is deactivated)

is shown on the display for a few seconds so that the driver can easily see whether the device is active or not.

The numbers displayed may also vary slightly: e.g. 18.9 or 12.1 (+/- 0.5) may be displayed.

Compatible with LED-Remote, Kiox 300, Intuvia 100 display, Flow App.

Tuning is not possible for pedelecs with valve solenoid or ABS.