Installation instructions for TQ engines

Installation example for a M1 Spitzing:

1. Remove the rubber grommet at the handlebars through which the cable to the display is routed and pull the connector to the display out of the frame. Disconnect the connector and link the two black plugs of the module  to both connectors.

Important: If you have installed a Sigma Remote 500 together with a Sigma View 1200/1300 display on your bike, the display and the remote are connected to the motor via a Y-cable. The module must then be connected between the motor and this Y-cable, not between the display and the remote!

2. Open the cover above the motor with an Allen key size 2.

3. Thread the approx. 1m long cable of the module with the two white 3-pole connectors through the frame. When routing the cable, please use existing cables in the battery compartment as a guide. (see photo below) Lead the cable further through the opening which will be opened in the last step.

Tuning istallation M1 Spitzing pedelec

4. Locate the connector for the speed sensor. You can simply follow the cable that runs from the motor housing to the sensor. The connector is probably insulated with heat shrink tubing.

5. Carefully remove the heat shrink tube with a knife. It is best to cut only where you can see the plug under the heat shrink tubing and take care not to damage any cables.

6. Disconnect the 3-pin plug connection to the speed sensor. To do this, press the release at the point marked with the arrow with a

thin slotted screwdriver or with your fingernail and pull the connectors apart.

7. Connect the two connectors that have just been separated with those of the cable of the tuning that was run through the

frame. The connectors can optionally be re-insulated with heatshrink tubing.

8. Close the cover again.

9. Slide the module and the connectors into the frame and close the opening again with the rubber grommet.


To switch on or off the support above 25 km/h please change the level of support down, up, down, and up again. If the procedure was successful, you will see the animation that informs you about the status.

Here is an example beginning in support level 3:

Pushbutton down (new level: 2)

Pushbutton up (new level: 3)

Pushbutton down (new level: 2)

Pushbutton up (new level: 3)

If the speedometer rises from 1,1 km/h to 9,0 km/h within approx. 3 seconds, the tuning is switched on and your pedelec supports you with motor power even if you exceed 25 km/h.
If the speed drops from 9,0 km/h to 1,0 km/h, the tuning is switched off. The motor support will end at 25 km/h.

Installation for Haibike FLYON (pdf)